Frequently Asked Questions

I received a notice for jury duty and have a question concerning rescheduling or being excused from jury duty. Who do I contact?

Please contact the Jury Commissioner, Clyde Carson, at 901-222-4065 for all questions regarding jury duty.

How can I block my phone number from receiving collect calls from the jail?

Call the telephone vendor (Evercom) at 1-800-947-0899 and request your phone number be blocked.

I would like for Sheriff Oldham and/or another officer to speak at an event. How do I make this request?

Please contact the Sheriff’s Public Relations Office at: (901) 222-5686 or email the Public Relations office.

I am new to the area and am unfamiliar with the law enforcement districts and wards, is there a map I can view?

Yes, we have a large Shelby County Map available showing both Memphis City Law Enforcement Wards and also Shelby County Districts, this shows areas of recent city annexation as well. Download MAP here.

How do I send a letter to an inmate in jail?

Address the letter to:

All letters sent in to inmates must have a complete return address on them. Books (soft back) or magazines must come directly from the publisher(s).

How do I post bond?

The 24 hour court clerk’s office is also located in the Jail Annex visitation area. You may post a cash bond, or use the services of a licensed bonding company of your choice. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office does NOT make recommendations as to which bonding company you should use.

How long does it take for a person to get released?

There is no exact time. Many factors must be considered. Persons must be fingerprinted, photographed, warrants checks done, processed through NCIC, checked by medical staff, etc. The average processing time is less than 2 hours, however actual release time may be 3 to 6 hours after the release is ordered.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account?

A private company handles this. Inmate account offices are located in the visitation lobby of the Jail Annex. Money may be put in an inmate’s commissary account between the hours of 8:00AM and 7:00 PM seven days a week. Money orders may be put on an inmate's account. Make the money order payable to the inmate and his booking number shown. It can be placed on the payee line as well, as there is plenty of room. The booking number is important because of the number of inmates we have who share the same name.

A maximum of $200.00 may be left in a one week period CURRENCY ONLY. We do not accept checks.

How do I provide clothes for an inmate to wear to court?

Clothes for court appearances may be brought to the main lobby of the jail (Jail Annex) or Jail East. We accept clothes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Court clothes must be conservative. Tennis shoes will NOT be accepted. Inappropriate clothing for court appearance will not be accepted. (shorts, pants, clothes with multiple zippers, etc.)

How do I get an inmate’s property?

An inmate may release his property to anyone. The inmate must initiate the request. The inmate may request a “Property Release Form” from the pod officer. The completed form is then sent to Swanson’s office in the Jail Annex visitation area. When proper ID is presented, the property may be released. The property may NOT be released if the property is part of evidence or if law enforcement officers have placed a “hold” on the property.

Records and Identification Processing Hours



What do I do for Misdemeanor processing?

Misdemeanor Citation processing is done in Records and Identification from 7a.m. --- 7p.m. Monday --- Friday only on the date assigned when the citation was issued. Persons attempting to report for processing on other than their assigned will not be processed. In order to be processed on your assigned date you must have the pink copy of your Citation in your possession. If you do not have your pink copy, you may obtain a copy from the General Sessions Court Clerk's Office located in the lower level of the Criminal Justice Center in ROOM LL-81. This must be done before reporting to Records and Identification for processing. If ordered to report directly to Records and Identification by any Judge of the General Sessions Courts, report to the clerk at the Citation window and sign in. Records and Identification staff cannot process you until the required paperwork arrives from the courtroom by courier. These paperwork deliveries are usually made once per hour. Once your paperwork is received from the court, it will be processed and you will be called by a staff member for fingerprinting and photographing as soon as possible.

How can I obtain a City Beer or Taxi Permit?

Contact Information:

City of Memphis Permits Office
2714 Union Avenue Extended, Suite 200-A
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 636-6711 (Bus.)
(901) 323-9913 (Fax)

How can I get a copy of my Accident Report?

If you want to get copies of Accident Reports you must go to MPD Central Records. In addition, you may obtain crime logs, incident reports and crime statistic information. Walk West on Poplar Ave. Enter the Criminal Justice Center through the main entrance doors east of 3rd Street. Pass through the security checkpoint at the entrance and take the north elevators (Poplar Street side) to the 10th Floor and follow the signs to MPD Central Records.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment for service to the Public must be in Cash or Money Order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED.

What are your fees for services?

Please view our service fees form

Will the Sheriff’s Office serve papers for me?

Yes! The very first step to file a complaint or civil action against another is to go to one of the court clerk’s office (General Sessions, Circuit, or Chancery Court) to file the type of complaint or civil action you need. Of course, there is a fee for this service.

Once the civil warrant or complaint is filled out, it is assigned a docket number, then checked to see if the defendant’s name, address, work address, phone number are on the warrant, and lastly the complaint. (why you are making this complaint).

If everything checks out okay, the paper is then sent to the Sheriff’s Civil Division for service. Once the paper is served, it is assigned a court date and time. The officer serving the paper will notify you of the court date and time.

How do I have a tenant evicted from rental property I own or manage?

The first step to this legal action is to file a FED or Detainer Warrant and pay the appropriate fees. This is the leading paper or process to the eviction. This type of paper has lot variables and can be difficult. As with any legal action, consult with an attorney.

Where do I go to take out a civil warrant?

Go to the General Sessions Court’s Clerk Office located on the first floor of the Old Courthouse at 140 Washington St. & Second St., downtown.

Is the Sheriff’s Office responsible for removing furniture from a property prior to an eviction?

No, the plaintiff is responsible for having the property removed.

What is a Sheriff’s sale and when is it held?

A Sheriff’s sale is the sale of property that has been levied or executed on and held in storage until the sale date normal set by the courts. However, vehicles are sold at auction the last Wednesday of the month.